Meassuring tool box

For an acccurate and easy adjustment we have assembled a meassuring tool box :


1x base plate pressure gauge
Technical Data : Adjustment range 10-160daN(kp)
Height adjustment range: 86mm to 108mm
Gravierte Skaleneinteilung 1 rev = 1mm

1x roll height gauge
Clamp distance *depands on machine height*
Acceptance of Falzkopf 200-202-206 (others by request)
Measuring Height adjustment range: 0,00mm to 5mm
Accuracy 0,01mm

1x pin height gauge
Technical Data: Measuring range of maschine from 100mm to 178 mm
Measuring range of springcompression from 75mm to 153 mm

1x seam micrometer
2x filler gauges